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Welcome to Bluebirch Creative, your one-stop shop for great design

Home to the biggest small creative design consultancy in Kent. We specialise in making graphics and websites simple, easy to use, and good to look at. No matter how complex your project may feel, we aim to make it a straightforward cost-effective process without unnecessary headaches.

We can brand or re-brand from start to finish, designing your logo, business cards, stationary & website all in one go.

And, to keep costs real, there are no sliding scales for pricing, and each hour of design is charged at the same rate for every project and every client.

The right tools for the job

Bluebirch Creative can handle creating graphics, editing or writing content for your website, help you re-brand with logos and colour schemes, and help you make the important decisions about your space on the web.

Creative Graphic Design

Each of our clients is offered a full design consultancy process to brainstorm ideas and end up with the best logo. If your new poster or website layout needs to compliment your new logo’s design we can ensure that you get the impact you want.

We work closely with you to develop your image and maximise your impact through social media promotion, offering advice and guidance throughout.

The antidote to techno-rage

Don’t let the microchip on the computer’s shoulder get you down – let Bluebirch Creative help you with your computing needs. We offer pc repair and upgrade advice services for users ranging from the newly baffled to the frustrated genius in all of us – everyone needs help, and it’s here if you need it – just ask. We only charge for work carried out, not advice.

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12 months ago

Today is a coding day, so I will mostly be found locked in the office with Beethoven (music not dog) dissecting code with a mug of coffee (just possible if you tap the keys verrrry gently without spilling anything), a project for Kent Tooling Diving Products that will burst forth onto the interweb very soon - stay tuned 🙂

1 year ago

It's a glorious day here at Bluebirch Creative so naturally there are screens to be watched and code to be wrangled.

For all of you lucky real world types, have a fun time frolicking in that very Eden of post-Solstice glee that is called Outdoors.

Maybe I'll retrain as a gardener...

1 year ago

Happy New Year to all our clients, past, present and future.
May your pixel dreams never falter 🙂

Aaron @ Bluebirch Towers.

1 year ago

New Year's Resolution : Responsive 🙂

1 year ago

We're finally in our new home in Hawkinge, all properly internetted and enphoned, ready to do battle with the Gods of Coffee and the Titans of Code on your behalf, you lucky people, you 🙂

2 years ago
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It's a scary reality that the next generation gets more and more tech savvy than the last exponentially.

Bluebirch Creative strive to stay ahead of the curve whenever possible, and offer the best options to our clients, whether for website design or the SEO within them, or advice on how to effectively promote themselves on social media.

Contact us today to find out how Bluebirch Creative's five-star rated services can help your next project stand out from the competition.

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— Products shown: Photography, Website Creation and Graphic Design.

2 years ago
Bluebirch Creative

New Bay Carpets website designed and SEO tailored by Bluebirch Creative. We help local businesses get a professional web presence for less. Drop us a line and find out how we can help you reach more people, and help them to reach you 🙂

#kent #website #design #seo #keeplocalalive

Basic infocontact site with social & review feeds for local Dymchurch UK company Bay Carpets. Full SEO pack included. Always a pleasure to help local businesses 🙂

2 years ago
Portfolio 2017

Basic infocontact site with social & review feeds for local Dymchurch UK company Bay Carpets. Full SEO pack included. Always a pleasure to help local businesses 🙂

2 years ago

Writing content is hard.
If you find it a pain in the anatomy, we're here to help, not judge.
Bluebirch Creative can take your words and tease them into life, making them work for you.
If you need help with language, the creativity thing, or just want a second pair of eyes to proofread for you, then get in touch 🙂

#proofreading #notagrammarnazi #content

2 years ago
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So you've got a Facebook Selling page and it's doing okay but could do more?

Perhaps you're ready to take the next step up to an eCommerce website where your products can reach an even wider audience?

Don't panic, it's not as scary an idea as you think 🙂

Facebook + SEO Optimised Website = approximately 50% more web traffic, so it's the ideal way to boost your business.

Bluebirch Creative offer a friendly, professional service. We'll talk through your plans, offer easy to understand advice, and suggest website design options to suit budgets from modest to barmy.

Drop us a line today for a no-obligation natter about life, the universe & all things website 🙂